Portable butane gas is a convenient and versatile fuel source that is a convenient portable and efficient fuel source making them ideal for camping, outdoor cooking backpacking, emergency backup stoves and other outdoor activities.

Butane gas is relatively safe when used properly. However, it is important to always follow the safety instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Butane Gas Canister Explosions: Causes and Prevention

Butane Gas canisters, when used or stored incorrectly, can build up pressure and explode. Here are the two main reasons for gas canister explosions:

    1.Oversized Pot or Pan: Using an oversized pot or pan that covers the cartridge compartment of a gas cooker can cause a buildup of pressure in the cartridge. This is because the pot or pan traps heat, preventing the cartridge from cooling properly. As the temperature rises, the pressure inside the cartridge increases. If the pressure becomes too high, the cartridge can rupture and explode.
    2.Heat Exposure: Direct or indirect exposure to a heat source can also cause a gas canister explosion. For example, leaving a canister in a hot car or near a flame can cause the pressure inside the canister to increase. As with an oversized pot or pan, if the pressure becomes too high, the cartridge can rupture and explode.

Auscrown’s Safety Features for Butane Gas Canisters

To enhance safety and provide optimal protection in case of overpressurization, Auscrown have incorporated two additional safety features into our canister range: Rim Vent Release (RVR) and Triple Seamed Rims (TSR).

Our Auscrown 250-gram butane gas canisters boast both TSR and RVR™ dual overpressure safety devices, making them among the safest and most secure canisters available.

  •     RVR™: RVR™ is a safety device that activates in an over-pressure situation. If the pressure inside a gas canister becomes too high, the RVR™ device will release the gas from the top of the cartridge, preventing an explosion.
  •     TSR: TSR is a structural feature that strengthens the top and body of a gas cartridge. This helps the cartridge to withstand higher internal pressure and prevents it from rupturing in an over-pressure situation.

Auscrown butane gas canisters set a new standard for safety in the market with their combination of innovative safety features. By following safe handling and storage practices and using gas canisters with advanced safety features, you can help to prevent gas canister explosions and ensure your safety.

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