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We’re often asked similar questions, so we’ve gathered together some of the most frequently asked ones here. Don’t see your question, no problem, just call our friendly customer service team on 03 9056 9119, or contact us.

About Auscrown

Auscrown is a boutique 100% owned Australian company manufacturing high quality electrical and gas appliances for both commercial and domestic kitchens in Australia and around the world.

Come and see us at 10 Fink Street, Preston, Victoria 3072, we'll be happy to demo our products for you.

We also have retail outlets and distributors throughout Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea and Timor.

We’re open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and on weekends by appointment only.

Purchasing our Products

We work hard to keep our website 100% up to date but if we do find a product is no longer available or discontinued after you have placed your order, we’ll contact you immediately and offer an alternative or a full refund.
We accept payment online via PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express using Stripe global payment gateway.
All prices are quoted in Australia dollars (AUD) and include 10% GST. Overseas customers are not charged GST.
Head to our Delivery and Shipping page for more information about our delivery rates, times and policies.
Head to our Returns and Refunds page to learn more information about how we handle returns and process refunds.
Yes. Domestic appliances have 12 months warranty for domestic use and 3 months warranty for commercial use. Commercial appliances have 12 months warranty for domestic or commercial use.
If your warranty has expired and your product is no longer working, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help you.
Auscrown operates internationally and some of our products are only available to overseas clients.

We hold Click & Collect orders for 10 business days you receive your collection notification.

If you do not collect your order within 10 business days we cancel the items and refund the order back to the payment method used when placing your order.

Information & Safety

From the elgas website, Propane is the same as LPG but LPG can include other gases, as well. The bad news is that this causes a lot of confusion and concern.

The good news is that Propane is readily available in Australia, we just call it LPG. Propane is LPG, so no worries!

No. It’s extremely dangerous to use a high-pressure regulator on a low-pressure appliance. Not only will it cause irreparable damage to your appliance you could risk serious injury. Please check individual product specifications for the approved pressure type.

Gas Burners

Yes, many of our burners, come with a free hose and regulator, please check the product description for details.
If you’re unsure which burner you should choose, please call our friendly team on 03 9056 9119. We’ll listen to your requirements and help you make the right choice.

The type of appliance you need will depend on your gas supply.

LPG is a portable bottle gas available from hardware stores or service stations. In some areas, where there’s no natural gas available, LPG is also hard plumbed into the house from a large external bottle.

Natural gas is always hard plumbed directly into your house.

If you’re seeing a yellow flame rather than a blue it’s generally due to a low air to gas ratio. This could be caused by a small blockage (such as a spider’s web) in the pipe, or you might need to adjust the air mixture. Refer to your user manual for information on how to clean or adjust your burner.

While both offer similar power and function, key differences exist:

  • Flame Control:

    • RH31LT: Linear flame - Allows for fine-tuned heat adjustment from low to high.
    • HPA100LPB: Stepped flame - Three fixed settings (low, medium, high).
  • Ignition:

    • RH31LT: Manual control - Requires a separate match to light the pilot before use.
    • HPA100LPB: Auto ignition - Features a piezo ignition system for effortless lighting.

The main difference between these 2 burnes is their physical size and amount of heat they produce.

How you choose which burner will depend on the wok size you will be using with it. Bigger may not necessarily be the best, choose the burner that suits your needs. A standard home gas cook top's largest burner usually range between 15-19 mj/hr. The HPA100LPB will provide more than enough heat for most home cooks looking for restaurant like heat with plenty of "wok hei"

HP200LPB has dual ring control and will allow you to use it on very very low heat ad increase it to an extremely high heat which would be perfect for semi-commercial, catering, and large parties

Watch our Youtube to see the flame of the burners

  Ideal Wok Size Heat Capacity Ignition Burner Rings
HPA100LPB 15" to 19" 55 mj/hr Automatic Piezo Single with 3 flame levels - low, medium and high
HP200LPB 20" to 34" 80 mj/hr Manual Pilot Dual ring control with various flame level control

If you're still unsure, email or call our friendly team.

Cast iron ring burners

Yes, it's completely safe. Our ring burner models C20LP, C30LP, C40LP and C50LP requires a gap between the adjusting air disc and the inlet of the gas tube for complete combustion. You can adjust the air disc to let more or less air into the gas tube to acheive a blue flame.

Wok burners

The HPA100LPB wok burner is designed and tested for use with LP Gas only, there is no conversion kit. The HPA100LPB works on 100kPa gas pressure and Natural Gas can only deliver 1kPa gas pressure.
These models are suitable for indoor use - CK801PG-S, CK802PG-S, CK801NG-S, CK802NG-S
If a magnet sticks the the stainless steel surface then it's not 304 S/S. It'll most likely be a lower grade stainless steel such as, 403 Stainless Steel which is often used in rangehoods. 304 S/S is more durable & corrosion resistant than 403 S/S.

28 Jet LPG Stainless Steel Stock Pot Burner

A flame failure device automatically shuts off the gas supply if the burner flame goes out, preventing gas leaks.
Yes, many customers use this appliance in food vans and trucks. However we recommend checking with your gas suppliers to ensure it complies with your local regulation.
Yes, you can hard plumb external LPG bottles to use with this appliance. Please check your gas pressure is set to 2.75 kPa to ensure optimal performance.
If you’re seeing a yellow flame rather than a blue it’s generally due to a low air to gas ratio. This could be caused by a small blockage (such as a spider’s web) in the pipe, or you might need to adjust the air mixture. Refer to your user manual for information on how to clean or adjust your burner.

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