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CookTek offers a range of unique induction cooking and delivery technology that gives incredible advantages. Professional chefs worldwide count on CookTek commercial induction cooktops to deliver the precision and consistency they need for quality results. Heat food evenly, quickly and efficiently, with easy-to-clean surfaces and energy efficient technology.

Whether the slightest touch of heat to melt the most delicate product or explosive force to instantly blacken or boil, CookTek® induction systems provide the means.

CookTek® innovative induction systems bring food service to a whole new level with advanced, efficient cooktops, food warmers, and more. Professional chefs in commercial kitchens enjoy higher productivity, substantial energy savings, and safer cooking.

Benefits of Induction

CookTek® induction systems are faster and more efficient than both gas and electric. They are easy to control for precise heating and unmatched results. The induction cooktop surface remains cool to the touch for lower risk of injury and easier cleanup. CookTek® induction systems offer significant energy savings, lower utility bills, and provide a cooler, greener kitchen.

How Induction Works

Induction heating devices work by applying an alternating electromagnetic wave to magnetic cookware, such as stainless steel or cast iron pans. The metal molecules are attracted in different directions as the current alternates. Heat is generated from resistance and other physical processes caused – or induced – by the wave.

CookTek® induction systems are 94% efficient, meaning that 94% of the energy consumed is delivered to the pan. This is unmatched by gas (typically 35%) or traditional electrically-powered cooking devices (typically 50%). As a result, induction cooking devices release less heat into the room, use less fuel, and save energy.