Mushroom Burner - LP Gas
Mushroom Burner - LP Gas
Mushroom Burner - LP Gas
Mushroom Burner - LP Gas
Mushroom Burner - LP Gas
Mushroom Burner - LP Gas

Mushroom Burner - LP Gas

Model No. A12LP

Price:  $309.00
Steel frame table/ stand
Steel frame table/ stand
$169.00 Qty:

12 Jet Mushroom Burner. Auscrown mushroom burners is a truly unique burner, each mushroom jet is a powerful burner and are designed to give a beautiful long blue flame. The mushroom design reduces debris and food from falling into the jet which can block the jets.

The special mushroom head burners is designed to spread the heat around the base of the wok, reducing potential "hot spots" allowing the heat to pentrate the food faster and more evenly with greater heat efficiency.

The burner operates on low pressure with out the loud roar but there is no compromise on the high heat!

This burner is perfect for high heat wok cooking and low heat simmering, it is a low pressure burner but can provide a roaring hot heat when turned on high and can be turned down to a gentle simmer. 

Quality made in Taiwan

Gas Approved for outdoor use in Australia

Energy TypeL.P.G.
Product Dimension (WxDxH)300 x 540 x 200mm
Product Net Weight (kg)8.5 kg
Gas Pressure2.75 kPa
Nozzle Size0.58mm
Heat Capacity37.5 mj/hr
Fitting1/4" BSPM 60 Coned
Ignition SystemPiezo Electric
Gas Consumption0.78 kg/hr
Country of OriginTaiwan

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